A scientific critique of the naturalist philosophy


If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.  (Charles Darwin)

There is no idea so absurd, that people will not quickly claim it as their own as soon as one has managed to persuade them that it is generally accepted.  (Arthur Schopenhauer)

In fact, men have only two questions to be answered: How did it begin and how will it end?  (Stephen Hawking)

The first drink from the cup of natural science brings atheism, but at the bottom of the cup waits God.
(Werner Heisenberg)


01-95  95 One Sentence Theses against Evolution

01-16 Biology
17-31 Geology und Palaeontology
32-40 Chemical Evolution
41-51 Radiometry and Geophysics
52-64 Cosmology and the big bang theory
65-75 Philosophy
76-83 Information theory
84-95 Humans and culture


Micro and macro evolution
02  Family trees and bushes
03  Irreducible complex systems
04  Mutation and the increase of information 
05  Evolutionary mechanisms
06  Biodiversity
07  Symbiosis and altruistic behavior   
Drosophila melanogaster  
Junk DNA
  Pseudo genes 11  Homeotic genes
12  Rudimentary organs
13  Recapitulation theory   
Peppered moth 
DDT resistant insects 
16  Resistance to antibiotics Antibiotic resistance
Geology und Palaeontology

Stasis in the fossil report
18  Rapid fossilisation (taphonomy)
19  Missing Links
20  Cambrian explosion
21  Erosion of the continents
22  River deltas, sea coasts and reefs
23  Eruption of Mount St. Helens
24  Modern sedimentology
25  Undamaged layer boundaries
26  Polystrate fossils
27  Living fossils
28  Million year old artefacts
29  Million year old microbes
30  Nusplingen platy limestone
31  Rapidly rising granite diapirs

Chemical Evolution

32  Vivum ex vivo
33  The Miller Experiment
34  DNA  (Desoxyribonucleic Acid)
35  Polymer Chemistry
36  Chirality
37  Folding of Proteins
38  Addressing of Proteins
39  Production of Proteins
40  Cell-Internal Control Mechanisms

Radiometry and Geophysics

  Deviations in Radiometry
42  Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (AMS)
43  Uranium, Helium and Lead in Zirconium
44  Radioactive Decay to Lead
45  Radioactive Decay at Plasma Temperatures
46  Uranium and Polonium Radiohalos
47  Helium from Inside the Earth
48  The EarthÂ’s Magnetic Field
49  Salt Mountains and Salt Content of Oceans
50  Nickel in Seawater
51  Petroleum, Coal and Petrified Wood

Cosmology and the big bang theory

52  Singularity and Inflation
53  Formation of Galaxies
54  Formation of Stars
55  Origin of planets
56  Surfaces of planets and moons
57  Precision planetary system
58  Earth to moon distance
59  Planetary rings
60  Short-Period Comets
61  Supernova Remnants
62  Metallicity of Distant Objects
63  Anthropic Principle
64  Microwave Background Radiation


65  Paradigm of evolution
66  Naturalistic world view
67  Dogma of Evolution Theory
68  Evolutionary psychology
69  Chance Processes
70  Causal evolutionary research
71  Homologous organs
72  Natural perfection
73  Teleology and orderliness
74  Purpose of Life
75  Unnecessary Beauty

Information theory

76  Intelligent information
77  The omniscient sender
78  The powerful sender
79  The non-material sender
80  Rebuttal of materialism
81  Rebuttal of the big bang theory
82  Abiogenesis and macroevolution
83  Old and new proofs of the existence of God

Humans and culture

84  Reports of the flood   
85  The age of humanity
86  Neanderthals and australomorphs
87  The human and chimpanzee genomes
88  Upright gait
89  The human eye
90  The inverse retina
91  The degeneration of human language 
92  Human consciousness
93  Human creativity
94  Conscience and ethics
95  Love, joy, suffering and sorrow


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