78  The powerful sender

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The knowledge necessary to program DNA molecules is not sufficient to create life. To make the step from knowledge to practical action, the ability to build all of the necessary biological machines is also required. Life could not have come about without creative power.

Because the sender encoded the information in the DNA molecules in such an ingenious manner, and because he must have constructed the complex biological machines that decode the information and carry out all of the biosynthetic processes and formed all of the structural details and abilities of the living organisms, we can conclude that the sender must be powerful.

On the basis of natural laws (NLI-1, NLI-2 and NLI-4b), we determined that the sender of the information in the DNA must be omniscient. The question here is how great his power actually is. "Power” here is understood to include everything we mean to describe with the terms ability, strength, effectiveness, and creativity. This kind of power is necessary to make every living thing.

Biblical reference:

We have no quantitative notion of the extent of this enormous power, but the Bible tells us of its true extent by presenting the sender behind it as all-powerful: “I am the Alpha and the Omega, who is and who was and who is to come, ...the Almighty”(1). “For with God nothing will be impossible” (2).

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(1) The Bible, Revelation 1,8.
(2) The Bible, Luke 1,37.

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