15  DDT resistant insects

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Flies and gnats becoming resistant, over a certain amount of time, to the insecticide DDT, were designated as proving evolution.  However, subsequent studies have shown that insects resistant to DDT have always existed. All insects which are DDT resistant are descendants of these rare varieties. Simply, the non-resistant varieties have largely died out, while the resistant ones were able to continue to multiply.

The resistant flies and gnats in question go back to rare genotypes*, which did not fall victim to the initial mass deaths which occurred after the insecticide started to be used. The DDT resistant forms already existed before the use of the insecticide (1).
This example is not even micro evolution, as no new information entered the genes. No new traits came into existence; rather, there was only an extreme shift in the frequency of certain traits. In the process nothing new came into existence (2).

This alleged example of evolution is also found to this day in various different school textbooks (3) (4), although the interrelationships mentioned are acknowledged.

* The genotype of an organism represents its exact genetic equipment and therefore the individual set of genes that it carries within itself in its cell nucleus.

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