53  Formation of galaxies

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Following the inflation, minor irregularities in the gas density supposedly led to conglomerations leading to the formation of galaxies. However, there are many open questions concerning the formation of galaxies. The big bang theory is still considered a hypothesis.

Whirlpool Galaxy   Sombrero Galaxy
Whirlpool Galaxy   Sombrero Galaxy

Approximately one second after the big bang, stable atom nuclei would have been formed. During the next 100,000 years, the universe continued to expand while the temperature decreased and the electrons united with the protons to develop normal atomic structures. 

Well-known big bang specialist Joseph Silk wrote (1):

“The big bang theory has not solved three basic problems to date:

1) What happened before the beginning?

2) The nature of the singularity itself

3) The origin of the galaxies.”


In the past decades, a number of theories have been advanced, attempting to clarify the origin of galaxies based on the big bang theory. However, none of these was capable of convincing the experts. Within the scope of the big bang theory, the formation of galaxies cannot be explained (2).

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(Image "Whirlpool Galaxy") http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whirlpool_Galaxy

(Image "Sombrero Galaxy") http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sombrero_Galaxy

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