80  Rebuttal of materialism

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Human beings are capable of creating information. Since this information is of a non-material nature, they cannot come from our material component (body). We can thus conclude that human beings must have a non-material component (soul, spirit).

Application of NLI-1, NLI-2:

The thought processes in the fields of evolutionary and molecular biology are based exclusively on material concepts. This reductionism (allowing material explanations only) has actually been elevated to the status of a working principle. Based on the principles of information, materialism can be refuted as follows.

We all are capable of producing new information. We can record thoughts in letters, essays and books or carry on creative discussions. In so doing, we produce a non-material item, namely information. The fact that a material carrier is required to store and pass on the information does not alter the essential nature of information.

This enables us to draw a very important conclusion, namely that we must possess a non-material component in addition to our material bodies. The philosophy of materialism, most prominently featured in Marxism-Leninism and Communism, is thus refuted based on the natural laws of information.

Biblical reference:
The Bible affirms that man is not purely material (1). The body is the material part of a human being, but the soul and spirit are non-material (2).

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(1) The Bible, Genesis 2,7.
(2) The Bible, 1 Thessalonians 5,3.

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