81  Rebuttal of the big bang theory

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The claim that the universe emerged solely from a singularity (scientific materialism) contradicts the non-material magnitude of information. Therefore, a big bang is excluded as the sole cause of the origin of the universe.

Application of NLI-2:

According to the principal proponents of the big bang theory, everything we perceive, observe and measure in our world had its sole origin in matter and energy without any further added components. This hypothesis can be refuted by applying the natural laws of information just as the concept of a perpetuum mobile can be refuted.

Our world contains an abundance of information in the cells of all living things. According to law NLI-1, information is a non-material magnitude and can therefore not have originated from matter and energy. The big bang theory is therefore false.

The proponents of the theory of evolution see it as a universal principle. It is said to form a chain in which each link is irreplaceable: Big bang – cosmological evolution – geological evolution – biological evolution. If one link does not hold, the strength of the entire chain is lost. The refutation of the big bang theory breaks the very first link in the chain.

This conclusion can also be formulated as follows: No big bang system is conceivable that could result in the origin of information and life.

Biblical reference:

The Bible teaches us that this world did not come about as a result of a process lasting thousands of millions of years, but was rather created by Almighty God. “For in six days the Lord made heaven and Earth and all that is in them” (1) (2).

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(1) The Bible, Exodus 20,11.
(2) The Bible, Job 38.

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