82  Abiogenesis and macro evolution

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Because the basic component of all life is information, which cannot originate from matter and energy, an intelligent sender is required to create the information in the DNA molecules. Since, however, all theories of chemical and biological evolution require that the information originate solely from matter and energy without an intelligent sender, we may conclude that all of these theories and concepts of abiogenesis (creation of life from non-life) and macro evolution must be false.

Application of NLI-1, NLI-2, NLI-4b, NLI-4d:

Life, that which is animate, is a non-material value that could not have originated by matter. Purely material processes cannot produce life on Earth, nor can they do so elsewhere in the universe. The claim that life could have come solely by way of material processes, as soon as the basic conditions are met, contradicts empirical experience. Biologist William Dembski has made a similar statement (1).

Impermissible reductionism:

The theory of evolution attempts to explain life solely on a physicochemical basis (reductionism). Reductionists would even prefer a fluid transition from the inanimate to the animate. We can draw a very basic and far-reaching conclusion based on the natural laws of information:

The concept of abiogenesis and macro evolution, the pathway leading from inanimate matter to human beings, is false. Information is a basic and indispensible component for all living systems. All intelligent information, including the one in animate systems, requires a mental creator. In the light of the natural laws of information the evolutionary system is a "perpetuum mobile of information.”

Where do we find the sender of the information in the DNA molecules?
The sender of the information in living beings is not readily apparent. Does this justify the conclusion that the information must somehow have been generated by molecular biological means?

- With regard to the abundance of information contained in the hieroglyphs of Egypt, none of the stones show us anything of the sender. We find there only traces he chiselled into the stone. Nonetheless, no one could possibly contend that this information originated without a sender and without a mental concept.
- When two computers are interconnected so as to exchange information and initiate certain processes, the sender is also not evident at all. However, all the information involved was at some time conceived by a programmer or programmers.

Just as a computer transmits information to another computer, the information in the DNA molecules is transferred to RNA molecules. Each living cell contains enormously complex bio machinery in which the programmed commands are executed in an ingenious manner. Despite the fact that we cannot see the sender of the information, ignoring him would constitute impermissible reductionism.

Parametric optimizations in the biological information:

It is no wonder that the programs of the sender of biological information are much more ingenious than all human programs. We are dealing here with a sender of infinite intelligence. The program of the creator is conceived so ingeniously that extensive adaptations to new conditions are also possible. In biology, such processes are termed micro evolution.

The natural laws of information exclude the possibility of macro evolution as required by the theory of evolution. On the other hand, variations, often involving extensive adaptations within a species are explainable based on the ingenious program of the creator.

Biblical reference:
The story of creation as told in the Bible repeats emphatically, nine times, that all plants and animals were created “each according to its kind” (2).

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(1) William A. Dembski, The Design Revolution, InterVarsity Press, 2004, page 157.
(2) The Bible, Genesis 1,20–25.

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