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Since the first publication of Charles Darwin’s book On the Evolution of Species, on November 24, 1859, numerous facts have come to light that argue clearly against the theory of evolution. Yet the belief in evolution, the big bang theory and an Earth billions of years old has become deeply embedded in the consciousness of modern society. In the process, this ideology has gradually assumed a fundamentalist character. In no other area of science are critical voices attacked so personally and vehemently as in this field of research. Anyone expressing doubts is locked out of the debate on the origin of life and, not infrequently, vilified.

The intransigence among the upper echelons of science, education and the media is strongly reminiscent of the stubbornness with which the Roman Catholic Church of the Middle Ages defended its then worldview. On October 31, 1517, the reformer Martin Luther  published his Ninety-Five Theses with which he challenged the practice of selling indulgences, widespread in his time. This intervention started a chain reaction, which finally led to The Reformation. In a similar way, the ninety-five theses presented here are intended to contribute to a rethink in the debate on the origin of life.

We wish, by means of this publication, to do all we can to ensure that in the debate on the origin of humanity (life on Earth and the universe), the free use of scientific data, interpretations and philosophical points of view * is made possible.

95 Theses

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*  From antiquity to the present, there is a vast and varied range of philosophical, ideological and scientific literature on questions concerning life and the universe. If you should discover within it a compelling disproof of one or more of the criticisms of the theory of evolution listed here, we request that you pass it on to us.

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Oh, yeah, this ONE metal object definitely refutes the 1.000.000 evidences for evolution that are found across all disciplines, from genetics to astronomy. Makes sense.